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Osteoarthritis TreatmentChronic pain affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life, impairing their ability to function physically and psychologically and interfering with the everyday enjoyment of life. Family relationships and careers can suffer, creating financial stress and damaging that person’s identity and sense of self worth.

Osteoarthritis accounts for nearly 25% of all visits to primary care providers and half of all anti-inflammatory drug prescriptions written in the United States today. Yet with all this focus on Osteoarthritis there are still only limited options for care, none of which have shown much promise.

People who suffer with severe pain, whether from osteoarthritis, knee pain, back pain,  joint pain, muscular/nerve pain, are forced to make many sacrifices in their daily lives and activities. Our Care at Orlando Spine and Joint includes multiple options to get your life back!

Medicare Offering Chiropractic Services and the latest in non-surgical alternatives to stop your pain is our business. Getting you back to your life quickly is our pleasure.

Our offices accept most insurances, including Medicare. Call today to make your appointment.

As a clinic that focuses on surgery avoidance and pain relief, we are excited about a new, non-surgical, minimally invasive, alternative that has helped thousands of individuals worldwide find lasting relief from their Osteoarthritis knee pain. In fact, this same knee procedure can be applied to the shoulder and hip to help those who are looking for options other than surgery.

If you are serious about finding a lasting solution to your chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to call Orlando Spine & Joint for a No-Cost Consultation to see if you are a candidate.