Success Stories

I couldn’t move, sit or stand without excruciating pain before beginning compression. A specialist advised surgery as my only option, something I wasn’t willing to do. Now, I have my life back to play with my kids, and truly be the teacher, mother and wife that can participate in activities I’ve always enjoyed. No meds that create incoherence or gritting my teeth just to move my feet!
Jon H. underwent decompression therapy for chronic pain caused by a degenerative disc. He rates his discomfort level before decompression a 9 out of 10. “When I went in for my first visit, I could barely get out of the chair to walk to the exam room.” Jon is an Orange County police officer. His belt and holster alone weigh about 25 pounds, so he knew he had to find a solution to his pain. “If I had a bad back, I would be out of work.” Jon says he couldn’t afford not to try decompression. He visited both Dr. Yeomans and an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon recommended he try decompression therapy before committing to surgery. “At first my wife thought it was too expensive. But then when she saw I couldn’t walk, it was a no brainer. You do what you have to do. It’s a lot cheaper than surgery.” Now Jon says he is enjoying his work and can play pain-free with his three children. He visits Dr. Yeomans for maintenance every six weeks. “I look forward to it. I feel like a new person when I get off that table.”
After a serious car accident, which resulted in hip surgery, I developed sciatica. I was told by numerous members of the medical profession that there was “no cure” and it would be something I just needed to deal with.I took every known prescription… and then some, but there was no relief. I came to Dr. Mike as a bit of a “last resort”. I was fed up with nothing working. Within minutes it was clear that things were going to be different. The staff at the desk actually seemed concerned with how I was feeling instead of just what kind of insurance I have. They immediately assisted me to the back where I laid down and was massaged to stop muscle spasms. After that, I met with Dr. Mike Lewis DC for the first time. He was extremely concerned about my back and recognized my symptoms immediately. He took x-rays and began to explain what was actually happening with my back. Shortly after, I was adjusted for the first time. Words cannot express the feeling of relief that came over me in almost an instant. He explained that as good as it felt, it was not permanent. I would have to return for regular adjustments and follow a stretching routine at home. At this point, I was willing to do whatever. It has been almost one year now and I am pain and drug free. I owe so much to Dr. Mike and his staff. Thank you all for giving my back the life I have previously enjoyed!